Peter Salerno Inc. Showroom Featured In Spotlight Article

Peter Salerno Inc. Showroom Featured In Spotlight Article

Visit Peter Salerno’s state-of-the-art showroom in Wyckoff, NJ

The "La Cornue" showcase kitchen in Peter Salerno's showroom.
The “La Cornue” showcase kitchen in Peter Salerno’s showroom.

Peter Salerno Inc. combines three stores – a tile store, an appliance store and a showroom – in one building; and the result is a sight to see. It’s room after room of exquisitely constructed kitchens, punctuated by some of the most fantastic details you’ve ever seen…”

The quote above is an excerpt from a feature article by, entitled “A Wonderland Under One Roof”, is not only a testament to Peter Salerno Inc.’s gorgeous showroom but also a wonderfully written piece by talented author Ryan Greene.  You can read (and watch) more of Ryan Greene’s fantastic social journalism pieces here.

The feature encompasses a full-scale tour of the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom and building at 511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ. The author makes stops not only at Peter Salerno Inc.’s state-of-the-art showroom, but also to partners and adjacent businesses Stratta, the Tile Boutique and Oberg & Lindquist Appliances.

Preview video of Peter Salerno Inc.’s Wyckoff, NJ showroom:

Ryan Greene describes Peter Salerno’s craftsmanship as “…Quite possibly the most gorgeous cabinetry you’ve ever seen. Classical bathrooms replete with marble and columns. Contemporary kitchens showcasing imported African lacewood and backsplashes of color-changing LED lights. An entire bathroom decorated in graffiti by a New York City artist and embellished with a wall-to-wall city skyline and a manhole cover in the floor. And on and on…”

Compliments have come from all angles for the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom. The vice president of Sub-Zero stated, “This is the most innovative showroom I’ve ever seen.”

The 1959 Corvette wet bar in Peter Salerno Inc.'s showroom.
The 1959 Corvette wet bar in Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom.

At the end of the article, Peter Salerno says that he wanted his showroom to be “Disney World for adults”. Based on the praise bestowed on it from various sources thus far, he may just have accomplished his goal.

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This award-winning kitchen is one of the many designs we feature on Pinterest.
This award-winning kitchen is one of the many designs we feature on Pinterest. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

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