7 Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palettes to Inspire You

7 Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palettes to Inspire You

We’ve shown you the 16 shades in Pantone’s Spring 2019 Fashion Color Trend Report – now let’s start putting them to use!

Our task is slightly different from other design and style publications; we’re looking at the Spring 2019 Pantone colors in terms of home design. After all, color design isn’t limited to what you wear and the decor around you. It’s in the walls of your home, the flooring and tile, the large furniture pieces, and the largest elements in your kitchen and bath design.

If you aren’t thinking about color from the very beginning of your design concept, you should be.


In order to jump start you with some design inspiration, we’ve created seven color palettes based on the Pantone Spring 2019 color report. Some are audacious, bold and daring; others are more traditional, rooted in neutrals and earth tones. Whether once or multiple times, we’ve utilized all 16 colors in the Spring 2019 collection in these palettes.

Do you prefer a “pop” of Spring 2019 color to lead your design, like Living Coral, Mango Mojito or Princess Blue? Or will you opt for a neutral as your leading lady, like Sweet Corn or Toffee?

Enjoy these 7 color palettes from the Pantone Spring 2019 color collection – then scroll to the bottom and vote on your favorite!

7 Color Palettes Based on the Pantone Spring 2019 Color Collection

The Living Coral Palette: Warm and Rooted in Classic Colors

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Living Coral
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Living Coral

The Soybean Palette: An Earth-Tone Selection with a Floral Undertone

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Soybean
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Soybean

The Mango Mojito Palette: Spicy, Sharp and Eye-Catching

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Mango Mojito
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Mango Mojito

The Sweet Corn Palette: Classic Neutrals and Natural Earth Tones

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Sweet Corn
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Sweet Corn

The Princess Blue Palette: Audacious, Unshrinking and Crisp

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Princess Blue
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Princess Blue

The Sweet Lilac Palette: Calm and Inviting with a Splash of Blue

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Sweet Lilac
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Sweet Lilac

The Toffee Palette: Neutrals Complemented by Extroverted Reds

Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Toffee
Pantone Spring 2019 Color Palette: Toffee

Vote here on your favorite Pantone Spring 2019 color palette!

Design Your Thanksgiving 2017 By the Pantone Color System

Perfect Pantone Colors For Your Thanksgiving Design

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (less than a week away!), and we know you’re hard at work preparing for the holiday. This is especially true if you’re hosting family, friends and loved ones for a day of food, fun, and perhaps a little football.

If you’re hosting, you already have enough on your plate – cooking, cleaning, the list is endless. You don’t want to throw dollar-store napkins on the table, but who can find the time to create a Thanksgiving design for your home or table from scratch?

Leave that to us! We’ve found the 5 very best colors for your Thanksgiving design this year, thanks to the handy Pantone Color System. Each color is beautiful, adaptable – and as an added bonus, directly ties to a food or drink you may already be putting on your Thanksgiving table this year!

So from sweet corn to cranberry sauce, here’s a list of 5 great Pantone colors to utilize in this year’s Thanksgiving design. Whether you like warm tones, earth tones or neutrals, we have the Thanksgiving colors you need!

A Thanksgiving Table Full of Pantone Colors

Cranberry (PantoneĀ 17-1545)

This is a shade of red that really pops! One may expect Cranberry to have a darker hue (like the cranberry sauce or jam on your Thanksgiving table), but the Pantone Cranberry is a festive hue that will spruce up any Thanksgiving design or table setup.

Add a dash of Cranberry (Pantone 17-1545) to your Thanksgiving table this year, or to your home decor. It’s a great choice for accents, statement decor pieces, and table accessories. Try it in throws, pillows, tablecloths and napkins, or anywhere in your place settings for a nice, warm touch.

Cranberry Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Chestnut (PantoneĀ 19-1118)

An intriguing shade of brown or green in your home design can augment its inviting nature. And with a name that’s perfect for the Thanksgiving season, why not fall in love with Chestnut this season?

Chestnut is a beautiful shade of brown that arouses images of warmth – wood in a crackling fire, hot cocoa, and – of course – warm chestnuts. It’s a sturdy hue as well, working perfectly with the wood and wood-grain elements in your design. It can also be incorporated in a design that utilizes falling autumn leaves.

Chestnut Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Sweet Corn (Pantone 11-0106)

For 2 straight years, neutrals have dominated the Pantone color design landscape. Custom kitchen, bath and interior designers (like Peter Salerno Inc.) love the idea of “flipping the script” and letting the neutrally-colored design elements take the lead.

At first glimpse, you almost can’t SEE Sweet Corn in the graphic below, can you? That’s what makes this shade of off-white so unique. A blush of light, light yellow adds a real sweetness to the color, giving it a “country kitchen” aesthetic. Sweet Corn and Chestnut are a beautiful pairing of “earth tone and neutral” for your Thanksgiving design in 2017. You can also try Sweet Corn with our next color, Vineyard Wine.

Sweet Corn Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Vineyard Wine (PantoneĀ 19-1623)

There is a cornucopia of “Wine” colors in the Pantone color system (yes, we had to get one Thanksgiving pun in there!). Our favorite is Vineyard Wine (Pantone 19-1623). Not too light to be a raspberry color and not so dark that it dulls your design, Vineyard Wine has a rich burgundy feel, evocative of dark red grapes hanging in a French vineyard.

It’s hard to design with purple without it appearing garish at times (or a little girl’s bedroom). Vineyard Wine has an air of class that pairs incredibly well with light and sage greens, earth tones, and light neutrals (like Sweet Corn above).

Vineyard Wine Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Harvest Pumpkin (Pantone 16-1260)

A carryover from our Halloween Pantone list that makes a ton of sense. After all, who doesn’t love a nice pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert? Harvest Pumpkin is a spunky, warm Pantone color that adds a bit of spicy brown into traditional orange to create an appetizing hue.

Harvest Pumpkin is more of an accent color than a core shade in your overall design. However, if you’re looking to create a real splash, why not try it on an accent wall to give that old room a little zest? harvest Pumpkin is a great choice for Thanksgiving table accents like napkins, place settings and centerpieces.

Harvest Pumpkin Pantone color, Halloween party colors