Cinco De Mayo Colors | Official Updated Pantone Color Guide

Cinco De Mayo Colors: An Official Pantone Color Guide

Cinco De Mayo is more than just a big party – although a great excuse to fiesta is always welcome! For Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and people of Mexican heritage worldwide, Cinco De Mayo is a day of national pride, honor and triumph. This article will help you celebrate Cinco De Mayo in proper style!

Cinco De Mayo literally means “May 5th” in Spanish. It’s a celebration of the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory at the Battle of Puebla over the heavily-favored French Empire in 1862 – of course, the battle took place on May 5th. On that day, the French forces outnumbered Mexicans by double, but the Mexicans prevailed and established a sense of national pride and unity that had been lost in previous conflicts.

While not exactly an “Independence Day”, Cinco De Mayo is a celebration and recognition of Mexican pride, spirit, and bravery in the face of adversity. Outside Mexico, the holiday is used to promote Mexican culture, customs, food and music throughout the world, and is especially popular in the United States, Canada and Japan.

As you might expect, the colors closely associated with Cinco de Mayo are the official colors of the Mexican flag: red, white and green. But what are the official colors of the flag of Mexico?

Leave it to Design Your Lifestyle – color design aficionados that we are – to provide you with the answer!

Pantone, the world’s foremost authority of color design, has designated the official colors of many of the world’s flags, including Mexico’s. Through the use of the Pantone Color Matching System (CMS), there are uniform names and codes for virtually every color imaginable – including the three primary colors in the Mexican flag.

So when you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, do it properly – and use these Pantone shades of red, white and green for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Official Pantone Colors of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo: Green Color Ideas

Water Nymph – Pantone 20-0187

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Water Nymph

Guacamole – Pantone 17-0530

Guacamole (PANTONE 17-0530)

Greenery – Pantone 05-0343

Mardi Gras Pantone color design 2020 Greenery

Cinco de Mayo: White Color Ideas

Coconut Milk – Pantone 11-0608

PANTONE white color Coconut Milk

Bright White – Pantone 11-0601

PANTONE white color Bright White

White Alyssum – Pantone 11-1001

PANTONE white color White Alyssum

Cinco de Mayo: Red Color Ideas

Flame Scarlet – Pantone 18-1662

PANTONE 2020 red carpet color Flame Scarlet

Fiesta – Pantone 17-1564

4th of July Pantone color palette Fiesta

Bossa Nova – Pantone 18-1547

PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Bossa Nova



8 Off-White PANTONE Colors To Inspire Your Kitchen Design

8 Off-White PANTONE Colors To Inspire Your Kitchen Design

Anybody can ‘wow’ you with articles about wild color palettes and outside-the-box design schemes. But you ALWAYS need an anchor color for your kitchen design palette. And that’s why we’re here.

You have your base color scheme and design palette for your kitchen design. But where do you go from there? How do you tie everything in with that one perfect neutral tone? Often, off-white colors are the answer. If white is a little too pedestrian, but you need to keep your neutral tone light, off-white is key to your kitchen’s color scheme.

But when you visit the paint aisle, it’s swatches as far as the eye can see. How in the world are you going to narrow down what seems like thousands of off-white options to that single, perfect color for your kitchen?

As always, we turn to the experts at PANTONE, the world’s foremost authority on color, for guidance. Using their one-of-a-kind Color Matching System, recent color trend guides and some of the most awe-inspiring kitchen designs from Peter Salerno Inc., we’ve tuned our focus on 8 fantastic off-white PANTONE colors to perfectly complete your kitchen’s color palette.

Which of these 8 off-white PANTONE shades is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

8 Off-White PANTONE Colors To Inspire Your Kitchen Design

1. Brilliant White

Pantone 11-4001

Color Influence: Blue

The quiet blue undertone of Brilliant White makes it our top choice as an off-white PANTONE kitchen design color. Blue is the “it” kitchen design color of the moment, and Brilliant White allows you to set a neutral white base that still blends beautifully with your design choices.

PANTONE white color Brilliant White

2. Tofu

Pantone 11-4801

Color Influence: Bronze

Tofu is a muted off-white that plays well against wood tones and metallic colors. You don’t have to worry about Tofu dominating the color palette of your kitchen; it’s certainly not an “out front” design color. It does work quite nicely with a variety of stronger tones as a complementary shade.

PANTONE white color Tofu

3. Vanilla Custard

Pantone 12-0815

Color Influence: Orange

In contrast to Tofu, Vanilla Custard definitely brings a little more ‘punch’ to the table. The orange undertone isn’t exactly subtle, and you’ll need to choose a warm kitchen design palette to pair with it. However, in the right setting, Vanilla Custard is certainly a winning selection.

PANTONE Autumn/Winter 2019 Vanilla Custard

4. Sweet Corn

Pantone 11-0106

Color Influence: Yellow/Gold

This is a great choice for a traditional or country kitchen. Sweet Corn brings a charming golden undertone to your kitchen design’s color palette that works well against cozy, familiar options like Dutch blue, wood, and natural greens and browns.


PANTONE white color Sweet Corn

5. White Smoke

Pantone 12-0704

Color Influence: Orange

White Smoke strays a bit further from “white” than most on the list, but its ability to counter-balance strong metallics and dark wood tones lands it a spot on our list. White Smoke isn’t for every kitchen, but it’s a strong enough off-white to hold its own against powerful colors.

PANTONE white color White Smoke

6. White Alyssum

Pantone 11-1001

Color Influence: Beige

Even though White Alyssum falls faintly within the yellow color family, we can’t really “tie it in” to the color itself – it’s simply too delicate. White Alyssum feels like the ivory on a vintage piano – delicate, elegant and charming.


PANTONE white color White Alyssum

7. Bright White

Pantone 11-0601

Color Influence: Green

Bright White provides a really unique green hue which allows it to play in a totally different color palette than every other entry on this list. A kitchen design full of leafy greens, natural tones, earthy colors and plant life will benefit greatly by using Bright White as its off-white neutral.

PANTONE white color Bright White

8. Coconut Milk

Pantone 11-0608

Color Influence: Beige

Much like White Alyssum, Coconut Milk offers the slightest hint of yellow/beige, adding a ‘vintage’ feel to your color palette. Coconut Milk, perhaps unsurprisingly based on its name, also does quite well against hot tropical colors and pastels.

PANTONE white color Coconut Milk

6 White Tones To Make Your Winter Kitchen Design Sparkle

6 White Tones To Make Your Winter Kitchen Design Sparkle

If you’re an avid reader of Design Your Lifestyle (thank you!), it’s no surprise that we’re crazy about white kitchens. Over the last few design seasons, the idea of using neutrals as the core colors in kitchen design schemes has become increasingly popular. From white cabinetry to white tile, white furniture to fresh white walls and backsplash designs, heavy doses of white have made kitchen design feel fresh, clean and reinvigorated. (Take the gorgeous kitchen design from Peter Salerno Inc. below as a prime example!)

The premise of a white kitchen design is simple: make the prevailing design as clean and simple as possible, and your decoration and accessory options are boundless. Whether you keep everything fresh and streamlined, or adorn the space with bold, colorful decor, having a white kitchen design scheme as your base leaves your options wide open.

Peter Salerno Inc. new white kitchen design - stunning and trendy.
Peter Salerno Inc. new white kitchen design – stunning and trendy.

If a white kitchen design is in your plans for this season, picking the proper white tone for your space is important. As Pantone expands its vast palette of colors, the variations and undertones of white colors has reached immense proportions. Do you want a classic white? White with a tan note? White with a hint of pastel, or a touch of brilliant blue?

Whatever your preference, we’ve selected six Pantone white tones that work brilliantly in your kitchen design. From the reddish off-white of eggnog to the bluish hue of Brilliant White (and a little of everything else), these six Pantone white colors are varied, intriguing and adaptable to your kitchen design.

Which do you like best? We’d love to hear from you!

6 Pantone White Tones For Your Kitchen Design

Snow White: Pantone 11-0602 TCX

Snow White Pantone 11-0602

Eggnog: Pantone 12-0601 TCX

Eggnog Pantone 12-0601

White Alyssum: Pantone 11-1001 TCX

White Alyssum: Pantone 11-1001 TCX

Star White: Pantone 11-4202 TCX

Star White: Pantone 11-4202 TCX

Brilliant White: Pantone 11-4001 TCX

Brilliant White: Pantone 11-4001 TCX

Marshmallow: Pantone 11-4300 TCX

Marshmallow: Pantone 11-4300 TCX

All White Design: A Winter Bath Design Ideabook

All White Design: A Winter Bath Design Ideabook

All year, the Design Your Lifestyle team has trumpeted the arrival of “statement neutrals” – using neutral tones as primary color elements in your home, kitchen and bath design. With the winter season right around the corner, we turn your attention to the most basic (and wintery) of neutrals – white!

The freshness of pure white and off-white neutrals cannot be ignored. A crisp white finish to your home bath design provides an immediate “pop” of class and distinction, and will never go out of style. Combine these white design features with a well-designed amount of ambient light, and you have a brilliant finish to the statement bath design of your dreams!

The team at Peter Salerno Inc. understands and masterfully utilizes the strength of white in bath design. From traditional to transitional, Peter Salerno and his design team bring the beauty of white to life in their award-winning bath designs. (And when you’ve won more national design awards than any firm in North America since 2002, you’re an expert to trust!)

An all-white Peter Salerno Inc. bath design with cherry island. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
An all-white Peter Salerno Inc. bath design with cherry island. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

The Peter Salerno Inc. bath designs featured in this article are prime examples of how to properly utilize white as a “statement neutral” in your bath design. Of course, going “full white” as a color design scheme is generally doomed to fail.

So how does an expert designer like Peter Salerno, CMKBD, utilize such large amounts of white in his award-winning bath designs while still maintaining that “WOW” factor his clients desire? Here are a few tips from a master designer and his team.

Peter Salerno Inc. award winning transitional bath design, 2015. [Photo: Peter Rymwid]
An award-winning white transitional bath design from Peter Salerno Inc.
Even the brightest of bath designs needs contrast. In the Peter Salerno Inc. bath designs featured in this piece, notice the utilization of rich wood grains in the feature cabinetry and islands. We love the gorgeous center cherry wood island in the top bath design, as well as the dark wood grains of the custom cabinetry and tables below. The depth and texture of these darker wood elements only serves to make the delicate whiteness of the tile, paint, claw foot tubs and counters that much brighter.

Peter Salerno Inc. award winning transitional bath design, 2015. [Photo: Peter Rymwid]
A white transitional bath design from Stratta and Peter Salerno Inc. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Keep in mind that all the white paint, tile and counter spaces you implement will be augmented by proper use of ambient light. There is always room for statement lighting, but nothing beats the mixture of crisp sunshine off white design elements to make a neutral white tone seem earthy and welcoming.

Like the designs you see here? Want more expert advice from the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design firm in North America since 2002? Fill out the contact form below!

Winter 2018 Color Design Trend | Black, Gold + Off-White Dazzle

Winter 2018 Color Design Trend | Black, Gold + Off-White Dazzle

The combination of black, gold, and off-white is a stunner, and it’s all the rage this Winter 2018-19 design season.

And why not? The timeless sturdiness of black, the dazzling punch of gold, and the trendy neutral off-white are the perfect blend of transitional and timeless. Used to proper effect, this color combination can make its way from a seasonal trend to a lasting color design scheme in your home.

The luxurious, crisp combination of these 3 colors is often associated with New Year’s celebrations – so why not apply them to your entire winter color design scheme by extension?

The wonderful thing about the combination of black, gold and off-white tones is how relative they are with the trend towards neutral and white tones in kitchen and bath design. With bases in black, taupe/beige (gold tones) and off-white, this color palette covers virtually all your neutral tone bases, while still creating plenty of visual interest.

We’ve selected two sample Pantone color palettes for this Winter 2018-19 color design trend, then broken down the six Pantone colors separately with their Pantone reference codes for easy identification.

Which palette do you prefer? Do you prefer classy and demure, or bold and glossy?

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Sample Pantone Palettes

1. Blackened Pearl, Bright Gold and Snow White

Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Blackened Pearl, Bright Gold, Snow White
Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Blackened Pearl, Bright Gold, Snow White

2. Black Onyx, Artisan’s Gold and Eggnog

Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Black Onyx, Artisan's Gold, Eggnog
Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Black Onyx, Artisan’s Gold, Eggnog

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Black Tones

Blackened Pearl (Pantone 19-3917)

Blackened Pearl Pantone 19-3917

Black Onyx (Pantone 19-4003)

Black Onyx Pantone 19-4003

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Gold Tones

Bright Gold (Pantone 16-0947)

Bright Gold Pantone 16-0947

Artisan’s Gold (Pantone 15-1049)

Artisan's Gold Pantone 15-1049

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Off-White Tones

Snow White (Pantone 11-0602)

Snow White Pantone 11-0602

Eggnog (Pantone 12-0601)

Eggnog Pantone 12-0601

HGTV Shares Top Home Design Trends for Summer 2017

HGTV Shares Top Home Design Trends for Summer 2017

Our friends at HGTV are at it again, staying on the pulse of hot design trends for the summer of 2017. This time, it’s the fabulous Allie Holcomb King (a contributing writer for, with a great slideshow-based piece on the top home design trends for summer 2017.

We love this article for two reasons – one, it’s full of gorgeous design photos and helpful suggestions; and two, it makes us look really smart! Of course, when your parent company is Peter Salerno Inc. – the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century – it’s not hard to look intelligent. Allie and the staff at pointed out some trends we’ve been covering here since the spring.

Use these helpful tips in your summer 2017 home design! (Credit: Peter Salerno Inc., photo Peter Rymwid)
Use these helpful tips in your summer 2017 home design! (Credit: Peter Salerno Inc., photo Peter Rymwid)

Below are 4 of the 14 home design trends noted in HGTV’s article for Summer 2017. Check them out, and see what catches your eye!

For the rest of Allie Holcomb King’s summer 2017 design tips, head over to the full article at and enjoy!

HGTV’s Top Summer 2017 Home Design Trends

1. Bright and All White

“An all-white color palette is crisp, clean and refreshing,” says Allie Holcomb King. The main design theme of 2017 continues into summer, with white color design dominating the landscape. The versatility and freshness of whites (and bright neutrals) work brilliantly throughout the home and transition naturally from season to season.

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

Also, don’t discount your ability to mix-and-match your decor across a broad spectrum of colors as you work with a white background! Using white as the base of your design palette allows you to play with all sorts of fun, interesting color choices in your decor and home accessories. On that note…

2. White Wall + Tertiary-Colored Furniture

A developing theme among top kitchen and living space designers is designing around white walls with tertiary colors, especially in furniture. A “tertiary color” is the result of mixing a primary color with its adjacent secondary color on the color wheel.

The six tertiary colors are yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, and yellow-orange. This palette brings in some natural jewel tones, which pair well with brass and metallic accents and accessories.

3. Small (but Bold) Pops of Color

Bright, bold colors accent this Peter Salerno inc. custom kitchen design. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Splashes of citrus tones can brighten up your home design in 2017. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

“Summer brings with it bold flavors, sights and sounds. This year, we’re noticing bold color is along for the ride too,” says Allie. Again, this trend rides the over-arching theme of neutral and white in your primary home design. Instead of splashing color all over your space, try using small pops of bold color around the room for an eye-catching effect.

4. Brass is Back

Brass elements in your decor are back in for the summer of 2017 – but unlike many trends, we believe brass fixtures are relatively timeless. Whether you use brass in your door handles, appliance knobs and handles, or statement accessories, brass is an engaging, warm metallic presence in your home design.

Our favorite places to utilize brass are in kitchen and bath design, where we’ve watched Peter Salerno and his team use them to dramatic effect.

For the rest of Allie Holcomb King’s summer 2017 design tips, head over to the full article at and enjoy!

What Colors Do I Use For Mother’s Day? Find Out Here!

Pick These Colors For Mother’s Day Gifts and Designs

Happy Mother’s Day! To the women that raised us, nurtured us, gave us food, clothing and shelter, and sacrificed of themselves to make our lives better – thank you. The words can never be quite enough, but after all you’ve given us, what could be?

It’s that beautiful time of spring, when everything is in bloom, the weather starts getting warm (and staying warm!), and we get to honor the wonderful women in our lives with Mother’s Day gifts, cards and flowers.

A Mother's Day Pantone color design palette.
A Mother’s Day Pantone color design palette.

It can be a slightly awkward affair at times – especially when picking flowers, can’t it? We often find ourselves poring over the floral selection, wondering what each color of roses symbolizes, and whether or not we’re being appropriate (especially if it’s a mother-in-law or a friend!). Are red roses too romantic? Are yellow roses too “friendly” and not “loving enough”?

When it comes to color and design, we here at Design Your Lifestyle like to think we have your back. Coupling our parent company’s knowledge as the most award-winning kitchen design firm in North America this century with our own research into Pantone color system seasonal trends, we’ve come up with the perfect Mother’s Day palette for you!

From warm to cool to neutral, these colors (taken straight from the Pantone color matching system for easy retrieval) are perfectly appropriate – and appropriately perfect! – for Mother’s Day.

The Perfect Colors For Mother’s Day Design

1. Primrose Yellow.

Our lead writer may be a bit biased here: his mother, after all, has a “sunny” disposition when it comes to life and her favorite songs. From “Here Comes the Sun” to “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, it only seemed appropriate to list the hottest shade of bright, sunny yellow from the Spring 2017 Pantone collection as our #1 color design pick for Mother’s Day.

Primrose Yellow (13-0755 TCX) is optimistic, warm, and friendly – perfect for Mother’s Day. Whether it be yellow roses, carnations, gift wrap, lemon cookies (or a bottle of Limoncello), this shade conveys all the love and warmth you want to show Mom this year.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Primrose Yellow injects pure sunshine into spring.

2. Pale Dogwood.

Much like Primrose Yellow, our next color choice comes straight from Pantone’s Spring 2017 color collection. Pale Dogwood (13-1404 TCX) is a light, blushing pink that reflects feminine charm and genuine affection. Unlike a hotter shade of pink (which might set a more romantic or distracting tone), a calmer shade like Pale Dogwood conveys the proper message.

A light shade of pink like this one is a great choice for gift wrap, flowers, table settings, and invitations.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: The light, airy Pale Dogwood is an amazing shade of pink.

3. Lily White.

Don’t judge a color by its name! Such is the case with Lily White (11-4301 TCX), which upon further inspection has a subtle hint of green underneath its neutral white tone. The perfect neutral to accompany all 3 of the other shades in this collection, Lily White manages to be a “warm” white to draw some attention in the midst of its pastel compatriots.

Lily White is a beautiful color choice for present packaging or gift wrap/ribbon, table settings, invitations, vases and other textiles, and a great “pairing color” for the others on this list.

Pantone Lily White. 2017 Mother's Day Colors.

4. Violet Tulip.

Roses are a popular floral choice for Mother’s Day bouquets. But a close second to roses are tulips – and a great purple shade with the tulip in mind rounds out this year’s collection of Mother’s Day colors in our Pantone color palette. Violet Tulip (16-3823 TCX) is a cool lavender shade that is soothing to see.

Use a light lavender shade like Violet Tulip in floral arrangements, “bath and spa” gifts, gift wrap, and in room decor if you’re hosting a Mother’s Day brunch or get-together at your home.

Pantone Violet Tulip. 2017 Mother's Day Colors.