2020 Official MLB Team Colors | American League East

2020 Official MLB Team Colors | American League East

Will there be a Major League Baseball season in 2020? At the time we’re writing this, we can’t be sure. But baseball in any form in 2020 will bring about a feeling of normalcy. There’s something familiar and comfortable about a warm summer night, nine innings of baseball, a hot dog and a cold drink. Obviously, we’re in the midst of some pretty difficult and unpredictable times during the COVID-19 pandemic – whether or not you think baseball should be played this year, it’d be nice if it could be.

Official 2020 team colors, MLB Major League Baseball Pantone Hex

How can you show your team pride during 2020 while Major League Baseball’s short-term future is in doubt? Do you know your favorite baseball’s teams official colors – and if so, do you know how to find them exactly?

We have all the official 2020 MLB color codes for Pantone (the world’s foremost color matching system) and HEX (a resource you can use in graphic and online design to match colors more effectively). This article focuses on the American League East – the Orioles, Red Sox, Yankees, Rays and Blue Jays. The rest of your favorite MLB teams will be covered in other features!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect MLB team color for your graphic design, or the perfect color of paint, decor or textiles for your interior or home design, this is the resource you need to bring your baseball fandom to life in your designs!

2020 Official AL East MLB Team Colors

Baltimore Orioles

Official 2020 team colors, MLB Major League Baseball Pantone Hex Baltimore Orioles

Orioles Orange (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 1665
  • HEX: #DF4601

Black (Uniform & Logo)

  • HEX: #000000

Boston Red Sox

Official 2020 team colors, MLB Major League Baseball Pantone Hex Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Red (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 180
  • HEX: #BD3039

Red Sox Navy Blue (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 289
  • HEX: #0C2340

New York Yankees

Official 2020 team colors, MLB Major League Baseball Pantone Hex New York Yankees

Yankees Uniform Navy Blue (Uniform)

  • PANTONE 289
  • HEX: #0C2340

Yankees Logo Red

  • PANTONE 185
  • HEX: #E4002C

Yankees Logo Blue

  • PANTONE 287
    HEX: #003087

Tampa Bay Rays

Official 2020 team colors, MLB Major League Baseball Pantone Hex Tampa Bay Rays

Rays Navy Blue (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 648
  • HEX: #092C5C

Columbia Blue (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 278
  • HEX: #8FBCE6

Rays Yellow (Logo)

  • PANTONE 129
  • HEX: #F5D130

Toronto Blue Jays

Official 2020 team colors, MLB Major League Baseball Pantone Hex Toronto Blue Jays

Blue Jays Blue (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 4153
  • HEX: #134A8E

Blue Jays Navy Blue (Uniform & Logo)

  • PANTONE 534
  • HEX: #1D2D5C

Blue Jays Red (Logo)

  • PANTONE 485
  • HEX: #E8291C

2019 MLB Playoffs | PANTONE Colors for Every MLB Playoff Team

2019 MLB Playoffs | PANTONE Colors for Every MLB Playoff Team

October is when baseball greats become legends, and when Major League Baseball franchises can etch their names into history. If you’re a fan of one of the 10 MLB franchises that qualified for the 2019 baseball playoffs, now’s your chance to become a design legend and represent your favorite team properly!

We all know the Yankees wear iconic blue and white pinstripes. But exactly which blue is that? And how will you know the difference between shades of red worn by the Braves, Cardinals, Twins and Nationals?

At Design Your Lifestyle, we’ve got you covered for all your design needs during the 2019 MLB postseason and World Series.

Here are the official team PANTONE colors for each franchise in the 2019 Major League Baseball playoffs!

Note: We’ve mixed and matched some colors from these MLB teams’ official logos and uniform colors to provide the most interesting, versatile design colors to play with – especially when it comes to kitchen design, bath design and home design!

2019 MLB Playoffs | American League PANTONE Colors

Houston Astros

Perhaps the most consistent franchise in baseball over the last 5 seasons, the Astros mixed dominant pitching with athletic fielding and timely hitting to win a remarkable 107 games in 2019. Houston may once again be the favorite to win the World Series, a feat they last accomplished in 2017.

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Astros

Minnesota Twins

The Twins’ young roster set a new MLB season record for most home runs during the 2019 regular season. Nelson Cruz, Max Kepler and company hope to bash the Twins to their first World Series victory since 1991.

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Twins

New York Yankees

Don Larsen’s perfect game in the World Series. “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson. “Mr. November” Derek Jeter. Mariano Rivera’s mastery. No franchise has a greater postseason resume than the New York Yankees. But can the Yankees overcome injuries, the powerful Twins and the dominating Astros to reach another World Series?

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Yankees

Oakland A’s

The Athletics remain one of baseball’s most remarkable franchises, consistently fielding competitive teams with lower payrolls (and ushering in the era of analytics). Oakland won 97 games this season and won’t be sneaking up on anybody; can they advance past the Wild Card game against Tampa Bay?

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone A's

Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays survived a tough AL East to finish ahead of talented teams like Cleveland and Boston to snag the final AL Wild Card berth in the 2019 playoffs. Tampa’s pitchers gave up the 2nd-fewest runs in the American League this season.

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Rays

2019 MLB Playoffs | National League PANTONE Colors

Atlanta Braves

The Braves’ young squad just keeps winning. With all the drama surrounding NL East counterparts like Washington and Philadelphia, Atlanta carried on their winning ways and took the NL East crown yet again. Is Atlanta’s next step to reach the World Series?

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Braves

Los Angeles Dodgers

106 wins, the fewest runs allowed in baseball, and the 2nd-best run differential during the 2019 season. The Dodgers are loaded for a deep 2019 playoff run, but will they get over the hump and claim the World Series for the first time since 1988?

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers suffered a tough injury to reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich towards the end of the regular season, but the Brew Crew has enough talent to still contend. The question is, will the loss of Yelich keep Milwaukee out of the World Series picture?

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals

This is the time of year nobody wants to see St. Louis on their schedule. The Cardinals have a history of being downright scary in October, with memorable runs to the World Series on 4 separate occasions this century.

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Cardinals

Washington Nationals

Remember when Washington lost Bryce Harper to the Phillies and all was lost? Well, the Nationals just earned a Wild Card berth without Harper, whose Phillies didn’t make the playoffs. We’d bet anything that happens after this will be icing on the cake in DC.

2019 MLB Playoffs Pantone Nationals

Which 2019 MLB playoff teams’ official PANTONE colors do YOU like the best? Which do you think work best for design? Leave a comment!

Peter Salerno Participates in 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out NYC

Peter Salerno Participates in 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out NYC

Raising Awareness for NYC’s Homeless Population



This November, Peter Salerno participated in the 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out NYC, which is conducted to raise awareness for the homeless population in NYC and around the country. Much has been made of America’s homeless population of late, especially the issue of homeless veterans. This issue is of particular concern to Peter Salerno, who is a veteran of the U.S. Navy himself.

As part of the Covenant House Sleep Out, Peter Salerno slept on the streets of NYC on November 19, 2015. Peter is proud to announce that his group raised $20,000 through the event, and that Covenant House as a whole raised $1.4 million in their efforts.


Peter Salerno was joined in the cause at Sleep Out NYC by friends, dignitaries and more. Peter’s group included Howard Roberts (owner of Liquidscapes), Joe McNeill (executive of iTec), and Cassandra Hadel.


Peter also had the opportunity to meet notable, wonderful people, such as New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Kevin Ryan, director of Covenant House.


This Thanksgiving season, take a moment to think of America’s homeless. If you are so moved, do what you can to volunteer, donate or help fight the epidemic of homelessness in the United States.