Graffiti Bath Design: How to Break ‘Design Rules’ + Still Create a Masterpiece

Graffiti Bath Design: How to Break Rules + Still Win at Design

Throw the bath design rule book out the window. When it comes down to it, the only true ‘rule’ of design is creating something you love.

When Peter Salerno created the award-winning, updated Peter Salerno Inc. showroom, he wanted to reserve one space that went entirely outside the box. When Peter saw the masterful graffiti-style street art that would soon adorn his showroom bath design, he knew he’d found his muse.

Peter Salerno hired a professional graffiti artist to create a bold, vibrant cityscape in the bathroom design. From a replica manhole cover in the center of the floor to colorful depictions of a metropolitan skyline and an elevated subway line, the artwork is audacious and vivid. The inside of the bathroom door is even “tagged” with notable initials, names and dates important to Peter Salerno, his family, and the Peter Salerno Inc. legacy.

Now, before anyone panics – design conventions and standards exist for a reason. There’s no reason to abandon ship on everything you know about design. However – as with anything else – sometimes stepping outside one’s comfort zone is the only way to reach new heights as an artist, a designer and a creator.

As with many of the designs we feature, the true beauty of this graffiti art bath design is in its personalization. As the years have passed at the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom, the ‘tags’ on the bathroom door have filled in – with new staff members, new husbands and wives, children and grandchildren. A simple door has become a living testimonial to the Peter Salerno Inc. design family as well as Peter’s own family.

It’s important to respect your personal legacy and style while incorporating new elements into your home design, especially in frequently traveled areas like the kitchen and bath. Rich colors can still be comfortable and inviting when coupled with design elements that mean something to you.

“When I’m doing design work, it’s always important for me to personalize something,” Peter Salerno says in the video above. “I wanted to show the energy of New York City; I think that graffiti was the only way to express that properly.”

By stepping outside a personal comfort zone, a world-class designer was able to pay tribute to his family, his design team, and a city which he loves. How do YOU plan to step outside your ‘design comfort zone’ and grow? Let us know in the comments below!

For more about the graffiti bath design at Peter Salerno Inc.’s award-winning Wyckoff, New Jersey showroom, check out Peter Salerno Inc.’s official Instagram account.

Read more about this design on the Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram account.
Read more about this design on the Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram account.

Peter Salerno Inc.: A Look Inside Maestro Rosolino Custom Cabinets

Peter Salerno Inc.: A Look Inside Maestro Rosolino Custom Cabinets

Watch Exclusive Peter Salerno Inc. YouTube Video Here!

Peter Salerno Inc. has won 34 national design awards from 2002-2016, a mark that is unmatched among North American custom kitchen and bath designers. From the NKBA to KBIS, Sub-Zero and Wolf to Signature Kitchens and Baths, the industry’s leading experts all recognize Peter Salerno Inc. as a leading designer and innovator in the world of custom kitchens and baths.

Maestro Rosolino cabinets: a hallmark of Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design.
Maestro Rosolino cabinets: a hallmark of Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design.

A centerpiece of any award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. design is the Maestro Rosolino line of custom cabinets. Named after Peter Salerno’s father, a master craftsman and cabinet maker with authentic Italian artisanal training, Maestro Rosolino cabinets reflect the finest in woodwork, design and function.

In this exclusive YouTube video, Peter Salerno takes you inside the world of his award-winning Maestro Rosolino custom cabinetry. From inception to creation, fabrication to delivery, this one-of-a-kind look into the Maestro Rosolino process is a must-watch video for any fan of world-class custom kitchen and bath design.

Watch Peter Salerno Inc.’s Exclusive YouTube Video Here:

Maestro Rosolino custom cabinet design is available exclusively through Peter Salerno Inc., which has a long and storied tradition of fine cabinetry that dates back generations. From classical Italian roots to transitional kitchen design from the United States, Peter Salerno and his team of design experts will provide you with state-of-the-art, unique cabinetry solutions designed specifically with your home in mind.

Contact Peter Salerno Inc. today at (201) 251-6608 or by filling out the contact form below. A member of the Peter Salerno staff will be happy to assist you with all your custom design needs!