Giving Back To Those in Need: A Thanksgiving 2016 Special Feature

Thanksgiving 2016: How An Award-Winning Designer Gives Back

For Peter Salerno, leading a truly blessed life means little unless he gives back to those in need. That’s why the award-winning owner of Peter Salerno Inc. takes such care to give to those in need – especially during the Thanksgiving season.

Peter Salerno, CMKBD, is the owner of Peter Salerno Inc., the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design firm since 2002. His company’s list of accolades includes multiple Best Kitchen awards from the NKBA since 2010, HGTV People’s Choice Awards, and recognition from industry leaders like Sub-Zero, Wolf, La Cornue and Signature Kitchens & Baths Magazine.

Read how Peter Salerno and Peter Salerno Inc. are giving back this Thanksgiving season.
Read how Peter Salerno and Peter Salerno Inc. are giving back this Thanksgiving season.

As a recent article (pictured in this piece) states, “For Peter Salerno, genuine success means touching the lives of others in need”. Since the inception of Peter Salerno Inc. in 1997, Peter has sought out meaningful avenues through which to improve the lives of those in need.

One of those avenues is The Little Company of Mary, through which Peter Salerno has visited Zimbabwe and cared for those stricken by poverty and AIDS. Peter’s work with the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, along with generous contributions, have led to the healthy birth of babies who otherwise may have risked life-altering illness or early death. Peter thanks his close friend Father Jim Kelly for introducing him to this worthwhile cause.

Peter Salerno's staff delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to St. Andrew's Church.
Peter Salerno Inc. donates turkeys to their local church’s food pantry.

Peter also serves on the board of Covenant House (New Jersey), which primarily serves homeless youth who have aged out of the formal state youth aid system.

“CHNJ gives (these young people) the opportunity to make the most of their talents and abilities and helps prepare them for adulthood,” Peter explains.

Every year, Peter Salerno and the Peter Salerno Inc. team strives to make Thanksgiving a wonderful experience for local families in need. For several years, the company has donated 75-100 turkeys per Thanksgiving to their church’s food pantry. It’s a blessing that fulfills Peter and his team as much as they people who receive Thanksgiving meals.

What can YOU do to take steps to assist those in need and give back this Thanksgiving season? According to Peter Salerno, it’s all about targeted giving.

“Instead of helping dozens of charities, choose two or three that resonate with you to maximize your effectiveness,” Peter encourages. “Imagine how much better a world (we’d have) if everyone who could, would take action.”

Peter Salerno’s Charity Work Featured By NKBA

NKBA Article Displays Peter Salerno’s Charity Work

When it comes to using prize money to help those less fortunate, Peter Salerno puts his money where his mouth is.

A recent article published by the NKBA on its official “NKBA Connect” blog focuses on award-winning master designer Peter Salerno of Peter Salerno Inc., and his charitable efforts in Zimbabwe.

Peter Salerno on a mission trip to Zimbabwe. Peter's charity was profiled by the NKBA. (Credit Peter Salerno)
Peter Salerno on a mission trip to Zimbabwe. Peter’s charity was profiled by the NKBA. (Credit Peter Salerno)

Early in his career, Peter Salerno took a trip to visit the Little Company of Mary Sisters in Zimbabwe, a group that provides medicine, food and treatment to the impoverished. Peter promised himself that if he ever won any prize money for his designs, he would donate it to the Little Company of Mary Sisters. And he’s done just that – with every penny of prize money he’s won.

Not only has Peter Salerno donated all his design award money to charity, he’s matched it dollar-for-dollar out of his own pocket. Since 2003, Peter Salerno Inc. has won an astounding 19 NKBA design awards, matching their prize money each time.

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Peter Salerno’s generosity and commitment to excellence has provided the Little Company of Mary Sisters in Zimbabwe with much-needed gifts like an incubator, medicine and food. Peter has also taken several mission trips to Zimbabwe himself to assist the cause.

In the article, Peter is quick to deflect any praise for his actions.

“It gives you a reason for living,” Peter was quoted as saying by the NKBA, in reference to letters written to him by the Little Company about the impact of his generosity. “When you look at those letters and know what an impact you have on those people, it brings tears to your eyes.”