Custom Italian Elements Incorporated in Beautiful French Kitchen

This beautiful kitchen by Snaidero features Italian and French blended designs.
This beautiful kitchen by Snaidero features Italian and French blended designs. (Credit Snaidero, Nouveau Home Cuisines & Bains)

Sometimes, incorporating the very best of two worlds creates a design that is both modern and striking. Such is the case with our next featured French kitchen, which implements some beautiful custom design work from our friends at Italian design house Snaidero (and their Ola20 collection) into a customized, flexible French kitchen.

Featured in the September/October/November 2013 edition of Nouveau Home Cuisines & Bains, a leading French kitchen and bath design publication, this Italian/French blended kitchen design features expansive open space, clean design, and some unique elements – notice the ultra-chic curved bar mount!

As Nouveau Home Cuisines & Bains comments (translated from French):

“Uncommon in the kitchen area, the curve upon which the bar provides aerial dimension and a sense of lightness to the kitchen. Fully flexible low elements, raised elements and cabinets adapt to centimeter close to the dimensions of your room, the better to customize the kitchen.”

The use of earth tones, leafy plants and large-scale windows set against white walls allows the room to feel sunny, fresh and alive – just the way you’d want to start your day in a beautiful southern European kitchen. With mixed French, Italian and Mediterranean design elements, this work of art will surely provide as much inspiration to you as it did to Peter Salerno on his recent visit to France. Amusez-vous!

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