Transitional Kitchen With a Twist: Peter Salerno Houzz Feature

Do you love transitional kitchen design? If so, you’re not alone. In the last several weeks, Peter Salerno’s “Transitional With a Twist” kitchen on Houzz has absolutely exploded with hits, ideabook ads, and positive comments.

Want Peter Salerno to design your own transitional kitchen? Fill out the contact form below!

Transitional kitchens are all the rage in 2014, and this custom kitchen designed by Peter Salerno Inc. is quickly becoming an inspiration for Houzz users worldwide. It’s been a year of fantastic momentum for Peter Salerno, from being named designer of 2014 Best Small Kitchen by NKBA to being declared a 2014 People’s Choice by HGTV.

Now, we’re proud to inspire so many homeowners and designers on Houzz with our “Transitional With a Twist” design. Click the photos to enlarge and enjoy for yourself!

Special thanks to Peter Rymwid (as always) for his stunning photography.

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