EDGES Custom Cutlery Collection: Style, Design and Materials [PHOTOS]

EDGES Custom Cutlery Collection: Style, Design and Materials [PHOTOS]

Discover The EDGES Custom Cutlery and Chef’s Knives Collection

In our last article on the official Peter Salerno Inc. blog, we debuted the new EDGES Custom Cutlery by Anthony Michael Salerno collection. Blending practical design with professional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, the EDGES collection is truly the custom cutlery collection of choice for the discerning chef.


Now, take a closer look at the EDGES custom cutlery collection (which is currently available through Peter Salerno Inc.). What influenced the EDGES style? What materials are used? How are the knives created, crafted and forged? And what makes EDGES a truly superior line of custom cutlery?

Call the Peter Salerno Inc. office at (201) 251-6608 to place an order.

Find out exclusive details about EDGES custom cutlery here.

EDGES Custom Cutlery: Select Your Steel

Edges custom cutlery: The Monarch.
Edges custom cutlery: The Monarch.

Not only can you select from one of EDGES’ six custom cutlery and chef’s knife options, but you can have your EDGES cutlery crafted in three different types of steel.

  • AEB-L Stainless – the highest quality stainless available for kitchen cutlery.

  • 52100 High Carbon Steel – a carbon steel known for extreme durability and given a “forced patina” to assist in rust prevention. 

  • San-Mai – a mixture of high carbon and stainless steel. A carbon steel core is sandwiched between two pieces of stainless for a piece that is not only beautiful to look at, but extremely effective in the kitchen. 

In addition, there is absolutely no plastic used in the construction of EDGES handles, which are fitted with solid pins and crafted from the highest-quality materials. All EDGES knife handles come with a polished finish standard.

Currently, EDGES custom cutlery handles are available in stabilized burl, carbon fiber, stabilized exotic woods, and synthetics and acrylics such as mother of pearl and Kirinite. Handle pins are available in 304 stainless steel, omitted bolster (Micarta or G10), brass and G10.

EDGES Custom Cutlery: Design With Function In Mind

Edges custom cutlery: The Steward (paring knife).
Edges custom cutlery: The Steward (paring knife).

EDGES knives have gone through countless redesigns and testing to ensure the perfect cut, the perfect fit, and the perfect look.  Knives in two handle sizes (Full Sized & Petite) to ensure that no matter who is using the set, there will always be a perfect fit between knife and hand. The contours of EDGES knives are more than just “pretty lines;” every curve is about function and ease of use.

Perhaps most impressive about these beautiful custom knives is their impeccable point of balance. At a recent Peter Salerno Inc. event, master chefs such as Michael Latour were able to balance EDGES knives on a fingertip at their fulcrum (the finger choil); no blade outweighs its handle, or vice versa. The attention to balance creates an effortless cutting motion for the user.

Anthony Michael Salerno and the EDGES team spent countless hours developing the ideal edge geometry for these knives. As a result, even an inexperienced home cook can create paper-thin tomato slices with ease.

For more information about the individual knives and cutlery sets available in the current EDGES collection, click here. To place an order, call Peter Salerno Inc. at (201) 251-6608.

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