Peter Salerno Inc. Unveils EDGES Cutlery Collection [SNEAK PREVIEW]

Peter Salerno Inc. Unveils EDGES Cutlery Collection [SNEAK PREVIEW]

Exclusive Blog Sneak Peek at EDGES Cutlery Collection

The EDGES custom cutlery collection will soon be unveiled to the public by Peter Salerno Inc. But why wait? We’re giving our loyal blog readers an exclusive sneak preview into the EDGES creation process – from inception through production, creation and delivery!

The EDGES custom cutlery collection is the brainchild of Anthony Michael Salerno (AKTI and NKBA member) and will be available exclusively through Peter Salerno Inc. This world-class custom cutlery collection offers fine selections for everyone, from professional chefs to home kitchen owners looking for the very best in one-of-a-kind knives and cutlery.

Check out this exclusive EDGES video from Peter Salerno Inc.:

At Peter Salerno, Inc. it’s important that we not only deliver the ultimate kitchen, but the ultimate cooking experience as well. Cooking is a passion that every designer at Peter Salerno, Inc. shares. Through this passion we discovered that the most important tool while preparing food was the kitchen knife. A poor quality knife can turn cooking into a chore instead of a fun activity.

After speaking with dozens of home-cooks and professional chefs, Anthony Michael Salerno, AKTI, NKBA Member, designed a collection of simple yet elegant designs for both the home kitchen and professional kitchen. Peter Salerno, Inc. collaborated with Aldo Bruno (New Jersey Steel Baron) to use only the highest quality materials and ensure that each knife is hand-ground and hand-assembled right here in New Jersey to bring each client a truly custom piece by local knifemakers.

A sneak peek at the debut EDGES custom cutlery collection from the finishing room!
A sneak peek at the debut EDGES custom cutlery collection from the finishing room!

Anthony designed these knives with three aspects in mind: Performance, Handling, and Looks. Each knife has its own distinct look and feel while remaining balanced, ergonomic, and light. All of our knives are perfectly balanced at the ricasso with contoured handles to ensure your knife feels like an extension of your hand.

Place your custom EDGES order today by calling 201.251.6608!

Here are details on 7 of the centerpiece custom cutlery designs in the EDGES collection.

The Sovereign: This knife was created for serious home-chefs and pro chefs. It features a more aggressive look, sports front and back bolsters, two sets of spacers, and our USA-Made San Mai featuring 420 Stainless with a 52100 Carbon Core. $1,200

The Monarch: This knife has a more fluid design than it’s bigger brother. It features the same ergonomics as the Sovereign except sports a dovetail butt and is made entirely of AEB-L Stainless or 52100 Carbon. Great for any pro or home chef. Starting at $625.

The Shogun: This Japanese inspired knife features the same edge geometry as all our other chef knives and our full-tang construction while adopting a classic Japanese cutlery design. This is perfect for the knife collector and serious chef that wants a superior performing knife with a Japanese design. Starting at $600.

The Yoshoku: A santoku knife, great for chopping and dicing hard vegetables and hacking through light bones. Starting at $625.

The Primus: The perfect 6″ utility knife. This is a great knife to use at BBQ’s, fishing trips, and camping trips where the chef knife is too big and the paring knife is too small. Starting at $350.

The Steward: Our most popular model next to our Monarch, this small paring knife has the same great ergonomics as our chef knives. It is light and nimble, allowing for unparalleled handling during a variety of different tasks. This is the quintessential companion piece for your chef knife. Starting at $225.

The Bon Pane: Our unique bread knife design was created to allow for more natural joint movement and hand positioning while cutting bread. The ergonomics allow the knife to be held perfectly perpendicular to the cutting board. Starting at $400.

The official Peter Salerno Inc. blog will be providing more information about the debut launch of the EDGES custom cutlery collection. You can place your custom order today by calling 201.251.6608.

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