Design Your Summer 2016 Lifestyle

Cultivate Your Personal and Home Style For Summer 2016

Summer is about rejuvenation. It’s about fresh air, warm days and breezy nights. The summer sun breathes warmth into your life, enriching your body with Vitamin D. It leaves you refreshed, invigorated, and full of new energy.

There’s no better time than the summer to cultivate fresh changes to your lifestyle, and the Summer of 2016 is no exception!

A custom Peter Salerno summer beach home kitchen design. (Photo credit Peter Rymwid)
A custom Peter Salerno summer beach home kitchen design. (Photo credit Peter Rymwid)

This season is about clean colors, comfortable materials and fresh, creative expression. Those trends extend past showrooms, restaurants and runways and into your personal lives, homes and experiences. If today’s trendsetters teach us anything, it’s that Summer 2016 is a time to blend the comfort of your past into bold new directions.

Here are a few ideas to kick-start your Summer 2016 lifestyle design:

1. Put a fresh spin on a familiar setting.

Whether it’s a custom update to your kitchen or bath, an updated “spin” on a classic family recipe, or finding a new section of a familiar vacation getaway, Summer 2016 beckons you to blend old and new in your life.

Don’t worry about throwing away the comfort of the past. Take cues from successful, family-owned businesses like Peter Salerno Inc. (the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design firm in North America). Updating your personal style doesn’t mean abandoning customs; it’s about making slight adjustments to your routine for a bold new take on a classic design.

Then added shredded beef in a Chianti reduction...
Add a fresh ingredient and give that classic family recipe a Summer 2016 makeover!

Take your grandmother’s classic “secret family recipe” and search for a new ingredient or two. Go to your favorite family getaway and ask about the newest restaurants or attractions. Take one facet of your house or beach home’s design and give it a makeover.

Don’t say “out with the old” this summer. Instead, give a classic part of your lifestyle a fresh new look!

2. Go ahead – splurge on a familiar hobby or activity in a new way!

Summer 2016 invites you to reinvent an old routine. Love going to the beach? Drive an extra 20 minutes and find a new place to sink your toes in the sand! Take a passion to the next level and invest in yourself! That’s exactly what Anthony Michael Salerno (AKTI, NKBA) did with his passion for knifemaking: he turned a lifelong hobby into EDGES, a state-of-the-art custom cutlery line where each piece is guaranteed to be unique and hand-forged.

Take your boat out to a new location. Go ahead and venture into that store you’ve always had your eye on. Spruce up those moves with a dance class. Whether it’s sailing, shopping, dancing or another passion, Summer 2016 is the ideal season to splurge on a familiar activity and take it to a new level.

3. Find new resources and outlets for your favorite pastimes.

The reason that “old routines” become old isn’t because they’re not enjoyable. It’s because we get too boring in how we pursue and fulfill them. This summer, make an effort to find new resources, suppliers and outlets to make everyday tasks more exciting.

The Miele Combi-Steam oven may be the best oven in the world [Photo credit: Miele USA]
Whether it’s a new recipe or a new world-class Miele oven, breathe some new life into an old routine this summer [Photo credit: Miele USA]
It can be as simple as finding a new grocery store (seriously, try it!). Reading a book at a park instead of in your recliner at home can be a refreshing change. If you’re at home in the kitchen, why not research exciting new appliances from notable names like La Cornue, Sub-Zero or Miele?

You will be shocked how refreshing it is to try that new ice cream shop you found on Yelp, or finally going to that new art gallery your friends have raved about. Simple changes make a major difference when it comes to daily routine, and Summer 2016 is your chance to make the “everyday” feel brand new again.

Designing your lifestyle for Summer 2016 is about blending new ideas into comfortable settings. Something as subtle as a new wine with dinner or mixing and matching your work suit or casual blouse/skirt combination can breathe new life into a random Tuesday. Just imagine what a more audacious change (a new kitchen design, vacation destination or hobby) could do!

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