2016 Summer Home Design Trends: Best Kitchen Design Colors

Summer 2016 Color Trends: Use Pantone Colors In Kitchen Design

In June, we introduced you to the official Summer 2016 Pantone color palette as part of our “Design Your Lifestyle” series for the season. From Limpet Shell to Peach Echo, the ten-color Pantone palette for Summer 2016 is full of vibrant hues and cool, seaside escapism – an inviting blend of hues for any lover of sun and sand.

But how can you incorporate these Pantone colors in your home kitchen design? Which colors are best to create a lasting kitchen design, not just a trendy seasonal scheme you’ll want to replace in a few years?

The official colors of Summer 2016, according to Pantone!
The official colors of Summer 2016, according to Pantone!

The award-winning design team at Peter Salerno Inc. is here to help! Winners of more North American design awards than anyone else since 2002, Peter Salerno Inc. knows how to balance transitional design with classic elements. After all, your kitchen design shouldn’t be a “flash in the pan” – it should create an inviting atmosphere to share with your family and loved ones for years to come.

With sustainability and style equally in mind, we’re counting down the 4 best Pantone colors from the Summer 2016 palette to utilize in your home kitchen design. If you’re in need of expert advice from a world-class designer, consider Peter Salerno Inc. to guide you through your kitchen design or remodeling project.

Best Summer 2016 Pantone Colors for Kitchen Design

1. Serenity.


This lush take on a periwinkle blue (Pantone 15-3919) is a gorgeous color for just about anywhere in your kitchen design. From wall paint to tile, accessories to a custom La Cornue range, Serenity is a calm, beautiful shade of blue that fosters a feeling of security and (pun intended) serenity.

2. Iced Coffee.


A lighter brown color, Iced Coffee (Pantone 15-1040) is a perfect accent for your kitchen design – especially if you utilize custom cabinetry and wood features in your kitchen design. After all, nothing’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than a tall glass of iced coffee!

We love Iced Coffee as a brighter option for a shade of brown; one that won’t suck the light out of the room and leave you “in the dark”. It’s also quite a nice shade for backsplash tile or counters.

3. Green Flash.


We’re not saying to go crazy and paint your whole kitchen bright green. But Peter Salerno and his team believe a key ingredient in a fresh, inviting kitchen is a liberal dose of greens – vegetables, plants, flowers, etc. While you may not use Green Flash (Pantone 15-0146) as a “literal” design color in your kitchen, having a display of crisp, bright green vegetation or flowers is a great way to spice up your design.

4. Limpet Shell.


If you’re in the market for a brighter, “sunnier” shade of blue than Serenity, take a look at Limpet Shell (Pantone 13-4810). A vivid light blue hue, Limpet Shell evokes images of light summer skies and aqua-based home colors. It’s especially effective in a summer home or beach house kitchen design, where an “island” or “Key West” feel can be at play.

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