World-Class Custom Cutlery – Buy Kitchen Knives is Online!

Save 10% For Fall: Buy Custom Kitchen Knives Online!

For serious home cooks and professional chefs, the premier destination for world-class custom and semi-custom cutlery is Buy Kitchen Knives – a brand-new one-stop shop for the finest brands in custom cutlery and kitchen knives.

We love Buy Kitchen Knives - a one-stop online shop for custom cutlery and knives! (
We love Buy Kitchen Knives – a one-stop online shop for custom cutlery and knives! (

The website’s name is simple enough, but the products it provides are anything but ordinary. Created, owned and operated by fine knifemakers and cutlery artisans for serious, discerning chefs, Buy Kitchen Knives aims to bring the very best knife and cutlery brands to the consumer in one attractive, easy-to-navigate website.

And believe us – it succeeds!

The initial fleet of custom cutlery and knives is impressive – EDGES Custom Cutlery, Falls Cutlery (owned by the renowned Aldo Bruno), AMS Knifeworks and Sapphire Cutlery are among the world-class custom cutlery brands which feature on the official launch of Buy Kitchen Knives.

EDGES custom cutlery is now available at!
EDGES custom cutlery is now available at!

It’s a great time to get to Buy Kitchen Knives – as of this posting (Aug. 26, 2016), all knives across all brands on the site are 10% off in honor of National Knife Day. Simply use promo code “knifeup” at checkout to claim this valuable discount.

A feature we love on this website is the “Shop Sizes” feature. Rather than browse by particular cutlery line or brand, Shop Sizes allows you to browse the cutlery selection on Buy Kitchen Knives by knife size and type. This feature saves you valuable time and energy by allowing you to refine your search to the exact style of knives and/or cutlery that suit your needs.

The official Buy Kitchen Knives Instagram and Facebook pages are tremendous social media resources for making intelligent cutlery purchase decisions. We have found these sites to be full of useful information, photos, and cutlery specs, making the buying process a breeze. If you’re not sure which paring knife, chef’s knife, or custom cutlery brand is right for you, we suggest you start here.

Again, take advantage of the launch of Buy Kitchen Knives (and National Knife Day) by using promo code “knifeup” at checkout to receive 10% off your order across all styles and brands. As the site grows in popularity and expands in brand and style offerings, we will be sure to update you!

Whether you’re a professional chef or just an avid home cook (like us!), you’ll be thrilled to have this new custom cutlery purchasing tool in your life!

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