HGTV HOME Review: 15 Ways to Decorate With Sage Green

HGTV HOME Features Tips for Sage Green Home Design

HGTV is once again at the forefront of mainstream home design (to nobody’s surprise)! As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, Fall 2016 is the season to mix earth tones and bold color ideas into your home design. Right on cue, HGTV affirms that idea with a great new article featuring some of the top home design, kitchen and bath designers in the world today.

The HGTV HOME article, “15 Ways to Decorate With Sage Green“, is a visually stunning article compiled by Shannon Petrie. Shannon’s advice? If you’re tired of gray and beige as neutral tones in your home design, try sage green as an alternative!

This Peter Salerno Inc. bath design is featured in HGTV Home's sage green design article. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
This Peter Salerno Inc. bath design is featured in HGTV Home’s sage green design article. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Sage green adds a pop of color to otherwise bland neutral palettes, while remaining soft enough to blend behind the stronger visual aspects of your kitchen, bath, or living space design.

If your room design features warm wood tones, earth tones, or cool bright colors (like blues and purples), sage green is a brilliant selection for your room’s “neutral” tone. As Shannon Petrie explains in her article:

This delicate green is a great alternative to more typical neutrals, working well with a wide range of decorating styles, accent colors, wood tones and metal finishes. In this kitchen, it complements warm wood shutters and barstools and a green floral wallpaper.  — Shannon Petrie, HGTV HOME

The article features a stunning photographic portfolio of sage green kitchen, bath, and living space home designs. Here are some of our favorite examples (check out the article for exclusive photos!).

  • Peter Salerno Inc.‘s gorgeous spa-like bath design, featuring sage green neutral walls accenting a center island, stand-alone tub, and plenty of ambient light cascading onto white cabinetry.
  • A beautiful living room design from Leah Atkins design, featuring soft sage green walls outlining a strong fireplace feature and off-white sofas with bright, cool-colored pillow decor.
  • A gorgeous Craftsman style exterior in sage green on a home design from Tim Brown Architecture.

With sage green as a neutral tone in the color palette of your home design, you open up a new world of possibilities for bold accent colors and wood design elements. In terms of the Pantone Fall 2016 color palette, try pairing sage green with colors like Riverside, Lush Meadow and Potter’s Clay.

We’d love to know how your sage green home design goes – leave us a comment!

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