The 2017 Peter Salerno Inc. Christmas Party Photos

The 2017 Peter Salerno Inc. Christmas Party Photos

Peter Salerno Inc. held its 2017 Christmas party inside the beautiful confines of its award-winning design showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey earlier this month. As usual, the event was attended by family, friends, associates, staff and a few very special (and very cute) guests!

2017 brought several new babies into the Peter Salerno Inc. family – Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer’s daughter Brielle and Nadya Russov’s daughter Olivia join Anthony Salerno’s daughter Jesse as the next generation of passionate designers! As you’d expect, these beautiful little ladies were the main attraction at this year’s Christmas festivities.

Of course, something that’s always a featured treat at Peter Salerno Inc. showroom gatherings is Peter Salerno’s culinary creations! For 2017, Peter made a few of his special sauces . The first two sauces was a bolognese sauce with three meats, sweet peas, shredded prosciutto and a splash of merlot. The second sauce was a metro sauce, featuring plum tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, prosciutto and heavy cream.

Peter Salerno was joined by some of his most cherished business associates at the Christmas 2017 party as well. Guests included longtime friend and photographer Peter Rymwid, Nicole Sakosits (owner of Stratta, the Tile Boutique), and staff from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Peter is also blessed to be surrounded by his family this holiday season – his wife Tracy, son Anthony, daughter Gabrielle, daughter-in-law Eve, son-in-law Bryan, father Rosolino, and two beautiful grandchildren (the adorable Jesse and Brielle mentioned earlier).

There are many reasons for Peter Salerno and the Peter Salerno Inc. family to feel blessed during Christmas and the 2017 holiday season. The most important of all, as always, is the love and bond of family and friends, and the time and talents of Peter’s professional family.

Enjoy these exclusive photos from the 2017 Peter Salerno Inc. Christmas Party – we hope they add a little warmth and love to your day!

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