Super Bowl 52 Design: New England Patriots Official Pantone Colors

Super Bowl 52 Design: New England Patriots Official Pantone Colors

In our last article, we gave you the official Pantone team colors of the Philadelphia Eagles so you can show your Philly pride heading into Super Bowl 52. So it’s only right that we do the same for the New England Patriots as well!

The New England Patriots have dominated the NFL landscape for virtually the entire 21st century, appearing in 6 Super Bowls since the 2001 NFL season. Besides their 6 Super Bowl appearances in 17 seasons (and 4 Super Bowl victories), the Patriots have also appeared in a whopping 12 AFC Championship Games since 2001 – including 7 in a row from 2011-2017.

The Eagles and Patriots played a close, memorable game in Super Bowl XXXIX, in which the Patriots prevailed 24-21. That victory propelled New England to its 3rd Super Bowl victory in 4 seasons. In all, the dominant New England Patriots have appeared in 10 Super Bowl games (as of Super Bowl 52), more than any other NFL team.

But what are the official team colors of the New England Patriots? We have the answer!

Pantone is the world’s foremost authority on colors, color matching and color design. According to the official Pantone Color Matching System, we can provide you with the precise colors utilized by the New England Patriots when it comes to – well, just about everything!

If you want to decorate or paint your room, your kid’s room, man cave, or shrine to the New England Patriots with their official Patriots team colors, then look no further.

Here are the official New England Patriots team colors, according to Pantone:

New England Patriots Official Pantone Team Color Codes

New England Patriots Blue: “Nautical Blue”

Pantone Color Code: PMS 289 C

Hex Value (for web design): #0C2340

New England Patriots Silver: “New Century Silver”

Pantone Color Code: PMS 429 C

Hex Value (for web design): #A2AAAD

New England Patriots Red: Classic Red

Pantone Color Code: PMS 186 C

Hex Value (for web design): #C8102E

New England Patriots’ Other Team Colors

White (Opaque White)


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