Champagne, Culinary Arts + Culture: Peter Salerno Inc., Broadfoot and Broadfoot Turn Heads

Champagne, Culinary Arts + Culture: Peter Salerno Inc., Broadfoot and Broadfoot Turn Heads

VIDEO: Broadfoot and Broadfoot Sculpture Exhibit at Peter Salerno Inc. Design Showroom

In late September 2018, Peter Salerno Inc. hosted a stunning two-night event in his award-winning Wyckoff, NJ showroom. The event featured sculpture from the renowned Broadfoot and Broadfoot collection, champagne, gourmet hors d’oeuvres made fresh on the premises, and some of the foremost names in the world of art and custom design.

The event was presented by Peter Salerno Inc. and Broadfoot and Broadfoot, and attended by such notable names as Ren Miller (editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine). The two-night event was a ‘thank you’ to Peter Salerno’s valued clients, members of the community, sub-contractors, business partners and friends.

Check out this exclusive video from the two-night exhibit at the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom, entitled ‘Champagne, Culinary Arts & Culture’. Peter Salerno Inc. client relations manager Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer speaks about several topics:

  • What impresses her about Scott Broadfoot;
  • Why Peter Salerno Inc. is committed to hosting community events in its award-winning showroom;
  • How Broadfoot and Broadfoot staged the showroom for this sculpture exhibit;
  • Peter Salerno Inc.’s commitment to client engagement and cultivating lasting relationships.

Make sure to enable HD quality for optimal viewing!

We’re amazed at how seamlessly Scott Broadfoot implemented these sculptures into the aesthetic flow of Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom, and how beautifully the showroom featured and framed the selected pieces. It felt like an artistic marriage made in heaven!

Which featured sculpture is your favorite, and why? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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