Design Online: Remote Kitchen Design Consultations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Design Online: Remote Kitchen Design Consultations During COVID-19 Pandemic

We recently introduced you to Design Online, the virtual design consultation service from Peter Salerno Inc. As the novel COVID-19 coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the United States (and worldwide), this first-of-its-kind service offers you the opportunity to start or continue your kitchen and bath design journey safely from your own home.

Design Online is spearheaded by the world-class design firm Peter Salerno Inc. – winners of the most kitchen and bath design awards in North America since 2001. “Our entire business model is based on direct, constant interaction with our clients,” a representative from Peter Salerno Inc. stated. “True luxury starts with personalized design, and we wanted to find a way to make that happen during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Peter Salerno Inc. presents "Design Online" virtual kitchen + bath design during the COVID-19 crisis.
Peter Salerno Inc. presents “Design Online” virtual kitchen + bath design during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Design Online process begins with an initial virtual (online) meeting between you and Peter Salerno Inc., and is free of charge. At that time, you will be supplied with an estimate for your project or design as part of your zero-cost meeting.

See the quote below (directly from Peter Salerno’s press release) for all the information you need to know. Don’t let COVID-19 stand between you and beginning the journey to the kitchen or bath design of your dreams!

Design Online: Virtual Kitchen Design + Bath Design Consultations

What it is:

We will do a virtual meeting with you over Skype or by phone to discuss your kitchen or bathroom remodel and give you a ball park number for your project. Alternatively we are also doing design only options and after review of your space or plans we will give you a price for one floor plan and one set of elevations for your project for a set fee.

How it works:

Please email photos of your current kitchen or a PDF file of architect plans along with: your full name, you phone number, your address, what look you are trying to achieve with your remodel, your ideal budget, whether your are looking for us to supply the cabinetry or design only service.

We will review your photos or PDFs and respond to you to set up either a phone call to discuss your project or a Skype appointment time.


The first virtual meeting is free of charge and we will supply you with an estimate for either your project or your design at no charge. When a decision is made to move forward with the design process a retainer or full fee can be paid to us online via a Square invoice we will provide you with.

We do not offer refunds for our design service or complete project retainers.

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